My Favorite Crystals & Their Healing Properties


I form deep relationships with crystal beings, especially those I am naturally connected to. 

Here are a few of my favorite crystals and stones, their healing properties, and my experiences with using them. 

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Gold and reflective, pyrite is considered to be a stone of power. Pyrite attracts what it is you seek in the world, bringing abundance and personal power into your life.

* Grounding stone
* Personal power
* Abundance
* Releases negative energy
* Aids in healing the emotional body

Pyrite is one of my favorites because it makes me feel grounded and powerful in where I am at in my life. I sometimes feel out of control in my mind and get up in the clouds with thoughts and physical world problems… you know, human stuff! Pyrite has that down to earth energy, making me feel more stable and grounded.

When meditating with pyrite I always feel incredibly connected. I often feel a lot of energy in my root chakra, allowing me to feel grounded and at home. After meditation I am much more aware and confident in who and where I am.



Considered to be the stone of magic, labradorite brings spiritual and intuitive understanding into ones being. Labradorite is mesmerizing, with its beautiful colors and patterns, it awakens the artist and creator in each of us. If you are on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery, this is the stone for you!

* Connects you to your spirit guides
* Communication
* Calms the ego
* Self-expression
* Intuitive and spiritual understanding

I have labradorite on me at all times, it is my favorite stone at this moment in my life! Labradorite helps me distinguish my ego and intuition, feel more fluent in communication, and much more connected to source. I definitely recommend labradorite to anyone who has a throat chakra/ self-expression blockage!

When meditating with Labradorite I love to place it on my throat chakra for communication and self-expression! I like doing breath exercises along with humming exercises when getting into my meditative or sleep state with labradorite. 



Amethyst is one of the most well known stones for a reason! Used by ancients for recovery/sobriety and balancing, this stone has always been the queen of the ball in the crystal kingdom. Not only does amethyst calm and soothe your soul and space, it’s a wonderful meditative stone, and also helps balance emotions. 

* Peace and balance
* Patience
* Recovery stone
* Psychic protection
* Inner strength

Amethyst holds a deep connection to my soul, it’s one of the first stones I ever had vivid experiences with during meditation. It’s definitely called a meditation stone for a reason! I feel incredibly relaxed and calm when working with amethyst, helping me get stressful things done in a less stressful and destructive way!

Meditating with amethyst is my absolute favorite! To be honest, this stone helped connect me to one of my spirit guides that I grew very connected to. I suggest this stone to anyone wanting to dive deeper into their subconscious mind and meditative state.