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Drifting me off to far away places...

 creating depth in memories...

 understanding me when no one else can...

This is exactly what music does to my soul. 

Music is my therapy.

 I have a deep passion for the art and want to express it with every ounce of my being.

One day soon I will be sharing my own tunes, until that day comes...

here are a few of my favorites to listen to.

Each song is very different, so I am sure you'll at least find one you fancy!

Warrior- Aurora

Human- Daughter

Worlds upon worlds- Knower

I Don't like it like This- The Radio Dept.

Sea creatures- SOAK

Magic- Coldplay

Nude- Radio Head

Adiemus- Karl Jenkins

Neptune- Sleeping at Last

When You're Gone- The Cranberries

Wait- M83

Take Care- Beach House

The Mystic's dream- Loreena McKennitt

•    •    •



Some of my all time classic favorites


Fleetwood Mac

The Smiths

The Beatles

The Supremes